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Atomic - Music For You

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Welcome to Mr_Insidious's 'Music For You' site.
Here I will post MIDI files of my compositions for all you Atomican's listening pleasure. Each month, I will release a new suite of compositions, and make a new page.
Much later I may setup a donation box on the site here, but don't worry about donating if you don't want to, the music is for you to listen to.
Why am I doing this? Because even if noone else cares, I enjoy writing music, and sharing it with people who do care.

Like the music by Mr_Insidious?
Buy the CD!
(Watch this space in the next few months)
The CD will be of a selected few of my compositions, played by me on a grand piano, and recorded with a high-quality studio recording system.

A raytraced piano :)


(c) Mr_Insidious 2007